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Say NOOO To Strangers Products

Our products are designed to not only reiterate the important lesson of Saying No To Strangers, but also to help children in the time of danger if need be. 

U NOOO Tito "Boy Hero" Says No To Strangers Book

U NOOO Tito "Boy Hero" Says No To Strangers Warning Whistle

Coming Soon!

This book aims to prevent future kidnappings. This refreshing full-color paperback book is a father and son tale that demonstrates a 10 year old saying no to a stranger. U NOOO Tito "Boy Hero" can and should be considered a safety resource for any adult with children in their care. With each purchase of this book a donation will be made to the Iriana, Tito and Friends Scholarship Fund, of the Say NOOO to Strangers Foundation for Missing Children.

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