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Too many children are being kidnapped on a daily basis.797,500 children were reported missing in a 1 year studied time frame, resulting in an average of 2185 reported missing children per day!


U NOOO Tito "Boy Hero" Says No to Strangers reiterates an important lesson in a fun way. C.J. Waddy has delivered a lifesaving message for parents to teach their kids during a time when child abductions frequently occur. This Read-Out-Loud tale saves children's lives through illustrations by C.J’s eleven year old son Chafik Jaquill Waddy. U NOOO Tito intrigues its readers to see his drawings and become engrossed in this wonderful “Boy Hero” story.

 This book aims to prevent future kidnappings. This refreshing full-color paperback book is a father and son tale that demonstrates a 10 year old saying no to a stranger.

U NOOO Tito "Boy Hero" can and should be considered a safety resource for any adult with children in their care. With each purchase of this book a donation will be made to the Tito and Friends Scholarship Fund, of the Say NOOO to Strangers Foundation for Missing Children.

C.J. Waddy studied early childhood education at Western Connecticut State University and is the father of 3 children. The former Pre-school teacher turned author now displays his passion for children through this cautionary tale inspired by the loss of one of his students. For more information on CJ Waddy go to

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Say NOOO To Strangers Fish Fry

At Jackie's King of Seafood

April 13, 2013

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May 25, 2012


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May 25, 2012

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